Why do some people seem to burn fat better that others?

Article written by Free health remedies

weight-lossEverybody seems to have that one friend that can eat anything they want without putting on 1 oz of extra weight.

This observation often leads to the question: “Why do some people seem to burn fat better that others?”

Unfortunately, many women believe that some people are simply born with a high metabolism that allows them to burn fat effortlessly …
…and if you are not born with a high fat burners metabolism, then you are destined to count calories and be stuck with the body of your mother and grandmother.

Sound familiar?

This is one of the BIGGEST myths about fat burning! The reality is that anyone can train her body to burn fat naturally.

And it does not involve:

  • Fat burning supplements (and yes some pills do encourage your body to burn fat instead of sugar) 
  • Spending hours of each day lifting weights (and yes more muscle does means higher metabolism) 
  • Pushing yourself to the max every time you work out (and yes you do burn more calories per hour if you workout at a higher intensity)

Even thought the above statements contain some truth, the above conventional thinking about fat burning is one of the biggest hoaxes today in the health and fitness industry today.

I call it a hoax because it is an obsession with:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Pills
  • High intensity workouts

all of which prevent you from getting to what it really means to be a fat burner.

Even though each of the above statements is true, none of the actions will effectively and efficiently train your body to burn fat as the primary source of energy.