Business Leaders Who Introduce Meditation and Yoga into the Working Day for Employees

Create Abundance is a book by Zhang Xinyue sharing wise teachings that demonstrate how we can create abundance in our lives through mind-body-spirit cultivation. Learn to adopt the teachings and apply them to all areas of your life.

Bill Ford is the executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company; he has had many ups and downs in his career and says that “The practice of mindfulness kept me going during the darkest days”. He had to navigate years of hardship and bankruptcy and believes that when you meditate daily you can reach your full potential.

Zhang Xinyue in her insightful book teaching on how to create abundance talks of growth which once you can meditate on the value of growth you will be in a position to reach your full potential. If you can follow her advice you will soon be in a better and more secure place to embrace the positive changes that growth has to offer.

Here is an excerpt from her book and a passage on growth:

 “Now, Make up your mind to confront yourself. Now, if you truly face yourself with elevated strength you will get liberated from the current secular life. And accomplish Nirvana through reincarnation in the present moment. The torment will never re-present itself. Life will undertake a wonderful change”

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundance wrote this inspirational book in 2012. It has been translated from Chinese into many languages and is an international bestseller. Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue helps to give meaning, and find positive ways to navigate and manage the philosophical issues of life. For more information visit Create Abundance

Can the Fashion of Milan, Italy Help You Create Abundance?

For many, understanding everything there is to know about the fashion industry in Milan, Italy has been extremely beneficial. This is a charming and graceful location. The fashion industry has produced numerous successful businesses. You might find a means to start your own successful firm once you understand more about this issue. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories are all possibilities.

Milan, Italy is the finest place to start your journey. Take some time to pamper yourself. Meditation will be much more enjoyable if you do it in a beautiful setting like this. You’ll feel energized when you meet other folks on the same route.

Remember that in Milan, Italy, fashion may help you construct an abundant existence. Meditation is the starting point. Try to recognize the patterns in your life that have held you back as you focus on your new beginning. Frequently, they are basic things that have eluded your comprehension and discovery.

Meditation isn’t about figuring out how you should conduct your life or figuring out where you’ve gone wrong. In fact, it’s the polar opposite. It assists you in defining your ideal life and then assisting you in taking steps toward that existence. Stop and meditate when you’re feeling down and want to give up. You’ll be inspired to keep moving forward in no time.

Every year, Golden Touch‘s Zhang Xinyue takes time off to Milan, Italy. The mentors and Zhang Xinyue at Golden Touch enjoy vacationing in places like this. Followers travel from all over the world to take in the natural beauty. Many find strange and wonderful things there that might help them go to a higher spiritual energy level and create more abundance in their lives.