Should You Straighten Your Teeth Before You Get A Missing Tooth Replaced?

Article By Remarkable Smiles

Adults who have at least one missing tooth are one in three. When we’re younger, we sometimes neglect to take care of our teeth; too many sweet foods and drinks frequently cause issues with the back teeth, and it’s fairly typical for a grownup to have lost a minimum of one tooth. Usually, the gap left by a missing tooth can be seen when you smile broadly.

Let’s take a look at why you should straighten your teeth before you replace your missing teeth.

The Benefits Of Straightening Your Teeth When You Have A Missing Tooth

You have a variety of options if you decide to straighten your teeth first before getting the missing teeth restored. Both traditional braces and Invisalign are options.

Permanent braces are excellent for complicated cases but uncomfortable to wear, difficult to eat with, and awkward socially. Although this method is among the oldest in the books, you will be pleased with the outstanding outcomes.

Invisalign is the preferred option as you cannot see them as quickly, and it will help straighten your teeth and make space for the tooth that needs to be replaced.

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