6 do’s and don’ts of sensual massages

4Couples massage courses are a great way to improve a couple’s foreplay and relax a couple prior to sex. Most sensual massage new york courses provide couples with easy techniques that can be used by even the clumsiest couples. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of sensual massage nyc courses.

Do use oil sparingly – Instead of squirting a lot of cold oil on your partners warm body, place some on one hand and rub your palms together to warm the oil.

Don’t use body lotion – Since lotions absorb into the skin quickly, this will interrupt the flow of the massage. Almond or apricot oils are recommended as they absorb easily into the skin, yet leave enough moisture for a massage. They are also less likely to ruin your sheets and clothes.

Do slow it down – It is best to start off slow with a massage and increase the intensity of the strokes. This gives your partner time to warm up and helps you gain trust, all the while understanding what your partner likes.

Don’t use your thumbs – Using your thumbs will tire your hands. Instead use an open hand with relaxing strokes. After about 10 minutes, you can include your thumbs for short bursts.

Do ask for feedback – Ask your partner how you’re doing and if you are deep enough. Also look for other cues, for example your partner may look a lot more relaxed.

Don’t expect a massage in return – expecting your partner to give you a massage is a recipe for an argument. Just give your partner a massage to make them feel good and if they return the favour, it’s a bonus.


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