Using Performance Analysis to Improve Your Game

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, illness or even injury, we are forced to sit out training or practice. Don’t look around online for the latest in Adidas soccer shoes. Instead, use this time to watch matches and learn from the greats. You can learn a lot from analyzing other player’s performances.


When going for a match, get the right seats. Ideally, a seat high up or close to halfway. This way, you can see the moves develop and how they change.

The greats

Look for videos of players and specific moves you want to emulate. Create a collection of those videos for a practice database. Professional clubs have sets of videos that players use to incorporate styles of play.

The mistake

Often, it is a good play that creates the scoring opportunity. However, a lot of times, it’s a small minor error that leads to a series of events that creates that opportunity. Spot these mistakes, and learn from them to improve your own game.

Watch the man

Even professional players make glaring mistakes like standing square-on and watching the ball. Staring at the ball like this makes it tough to defend the cross when you should be aware of the ball and the players around you.


Although this will not help your game, pay attention to the gear, these players use. The soccer shoes they use, lacing, etc. You might find something that you should be doing, that you did not think about before.