Use the Law of Attraction to Stay Healthy

Written by Dr. Eric Amidi.

Why is it that some people never seem to get sick? It’s possible that they simply have very strong immune systems. But what if it goes deeper than that? Perhaps some people stay perpetually healthy because they send out positive vibrations that ward off illness. It’s true — there’s a direct connection between your mind and your body and you have the ability to improve your health by focusing on positive thoughts.

There are clear connections between the mind and the body. It’s been scientifically proven that stress and worry can negatively impact a person’s immune system, leaving them prone to more illness and disease. The problem becomes heightened by the fact that people who are sick generally spend much of their time focusing on their illness. The Universe responds to what people are thinking about, so this translates to a sick person staying sick — or getting even more ill.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go to the doctor or take medicine. But you can make sure that your medical treatment has a better chance to succeed if you are sending out positive vibes to the Universe. You need to let go of your thoughts about the medical problems that you are having. If someone asks you how you are feeling, make sure you are focusing on the progress that you are making. Even if you don’t think that you are making progress, put your efforts into thinking about how great you will feel when your are over your illness.

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