Three Health Benefits of Practicing Meditation



Three Health Benefits of Practicing Meditation

Written by Heather Richards

The practice of meditation is an ancient one, yet many people are unaware of its benefits. Meditation is the act of focusing on or thinking about a certain subject. While there are many ways to meditate, including manifestation sessions taught by Dr. Eric Amidi, the point is to clear the rest of the clutter in your mind and from the outside world, including, thoughts about the past and the future. But what is so important about clearing the clutter? Quieting the mind? It turns out, it’s very important to our health. Here are three major health benefits of practicing meditation.

It reduces stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety often start in the mind. If the mind is overburdened with all types of thoughts and worries, it’s only natural for the body to feel the pain. However, most people fail to recognize the mind and body connection (that Eric Amidi often writes about) and don’t understand how their thoughts can have an impact on their overall well being.

If stress and anxiety are getting the best of you, it might be time to mediate. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation may help reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Meditation helps stop the endless clutter in the mind and brings you to a calm and centered place where you can rest and recuperate. Dr. Eric Amidi writes about how to take your mind off the negative and meditate on the things that will bring happiness to your life.

It relieves pain. Do you suffer from chronic pain? While traditional medicine might bring some relief, many people don’t want to be dependent on drugs for health conditions that cause chronic pain. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional pain killers, try meditation. In fact, many medical practitioners are incorporating meditation techniques for pain management. The idea is simple: By focusing on a certain thing or object, your mind will be less likely to focus on the pain the body is feeling. In other words, you can transcend the pain with your mind.

It improves depression. Depression is a very serious mental illness that affects the way you think. There are many drugs that promise to alleviate symptoms of depression, but most of them are addictive and often have serious side effects. If you’re searching for a safe, alternative to depression drugs, meditation might be right for you. In fact, many alternative medicine practitioners use meditation to treat depression. Talk to your doctor about such alternative therapies before trying anything on your own.