Do You Suffer from Limiting Beliefs That Prevent Abundance?

Article by Zhang Xinyue

We all see those who seem to attract success. They always have a great business idea but what about you? Maybe you’ve tried and failed to achieve success in your personal and business life. This can be the result of a poor belief system

When we are raised in a home where we are told that we’re poor and the family has always struggled, we can begin to develop that poverty mindset. Over and over through words that are spoken and events that occur, the idea can be reinforced. Now you become an adult. Your life seems to be full of discord. There’s never any money. All your ideas fail.

This is very often traced back to those early childhood memories of being told that the family was broke, had no money, couldn’t really get the best Christmas gifts. Now that you’re an adult, you can change that limiting belief system. Though it can be difficult, it is possible.

Begin with positive affirmations each day. Say them out loud. Add more to the list as you go along:

I am a happy, successful person.

It’s easy for me to make money.

I have great ideas that are very lucrative.

Business opportunities come my way all the time.

Life is joyful and fun.

Try to catch yourself each time you start thinking that you’re not smart enough or good enough to succeed and be happy. Meditation can help. If you’re a spiritual person, spend time in prayer. Find positive, successful people to hang out with. You can retrain the way you believe. It just takes time and work.

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