The Secret to Understanding the Manifestation Process

Written by Heather Richards

A growing trend in new age thinking is the idea that you can manifest your wants and needs through the Law of Attraction, or focusing on positive thoughts. The idea is that through your thoughts you can create your own reality. Although most people get excited about the possibility of achieving their dreams, too often they get confused and even discouraged by the process of manifestation. They believe that the journey is too long and usually give up halfway.


Do you want to achieve great things in your life but often find yourself impatient? You’re not alone. Here, Dr. Eric Amidi, explains a trick to understanding the manifestation process that might help you stay patient and even expedite the journey.

Don’t separate your journey from your goal. This basic but vital concept comes from Taoism. It suggests that most people separate their goals from the path toward the goal. However, separating the path from the goal destroys the manifestation process. This is because they are both required in order for the goal or desire to be realized in your life. Dr. Eric Amidi is saying that you can’t get to your goal without walking the path and you can’t walk the path if you don’t have a goal.

Have you separated your goals from the journey? If you have, there’s time to change your mindset and start over. This time remember that the journey is just as important as the goal, a concept that Dr. Eric Amidi often writes about. Enjoy the journey as if you have already reached your goal. Instead of focusing on how long the journey is or that you wish you were already there, be happy and proud of yourself that you’re on a path toward a place you want to be in life.




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