The Benefits of Wearing Daily Contact Lenses

Summary: Daily disposable contact lenses are becoming more and more popular in today’s households. Here are some advantages to switching to these versatile lenses.

There are a large number of benefits that daily disposable contact lenses offer, and many people are making the switch for both health and convenience. Daily contact lenses, as the name implies, are used once per day and thrown out by the end of each night. If you are considering new contacts, it may be beneficial to order some dailies from Make sure you consult with your optometrist beforehand to determine whether they are right for you.

The Advantages

While the idea of throwing out your contact lenses after use each day might seem like a waste of money, there are a number of advantages to doing so.

One of the most important benefits is having healthier eyes. A fresh set of contact lenses will rarely accumulate a build up that often occurs with other types of contact lenses. Disposable lenses like the Dailies Total1 lenses eliminate the problems associated with improper cleaning techniques and reduce the risk of inflammation or infection.

Another benefit to these versatile lenses is that it’s convenient. Many contact wearers live active lives and have a difficult time remembering all of their solutions. Moreover, it becomes tedious to clean your lenses on a daily basis, especially if you’re on the go all the time. With daily disposables, you can simply bring a new set of contact along with you, wherever you go, and swap them out without having to deal with the cleaning process.

Final Thoughts

Daily disposable contact lenses are not meant for everyone. Some preexisting conditions may prevent you from wearing these lenses so be sure to schedule an eye exam with your local eye doctor before purchasing new contacts.