Determining your Body Type

Before embarking in an elaborate workout plan, it is important to know your body type. Most people already have a vague clue of the category in which they would fall. Factors such as easily taking on weight or difficulty in bulking up are good giveaways.


However, to be on the safe side, it is important to counter check that information. Here are the 3 main body types that people generally fall into. Keep in mind that you might fall in between those types, and that would be perfectly normal.


These are usually thin individuals with long limbs and small joints. They are often blessed with a rather weird quality which makes it easy for them to lose fat. Naturally ectomorphs will require less cardio to get in shape.  However, gaining muscle is hard for ectomorphs. Some even have have to abandon cardio training to concentrate on strength to stand any chance of bulking up.


Mesomorphs are naturally muscular and tend to gain muscles, as well as lose fat, easily. No wonder this is considered as the most lucky body type. Since they already have a natural balance, mesomorphs may alternate cardio and strength to achieve desired body shaping results.


Endomorphs are characterised by their wide clavicles and blocky look. They gain fat easily and have a harder time losing them. This means that endomorphs need to do quite a bit of cardio before seeing any fat loss. As for bulking up, it will only be possible if the cardio sessions are continued.

Steady Cardio Versus Interval Training

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There are different ways to do cardio workouts. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Put simply, it often boils down to what you want as end goal. The difference between the two main types of cardio workouts are explained below.


Steady-state cardio

This is the traditional way of doing cardio. You do a repetitive action for a prolonged period, over a steady pace. One example would be running at a steady speed for 30 to 60 minutes. The advantage here is that the runner is running at a comfortable pace, meaning that the same workout can be done every week for years. The disadvantage is that it is not as effective as it can be, especially in the long run. Doing something at a steady pace means your muscles will adapt so as to burn less calories.

Interval training

Interval training is a more effective approach to cardio. It requires the cardio exercise to be done with more vigour, at the expense of rest times in between. One example would be to sprint for 30 seconds and rest for 3 minutes, for a total time span of 30 to 60 minutes. The advantage here is that the workout is more efficient. By fluctuating the workouts, your muscles have a hard time adapting and end up burning calories every time the workout is repeated. The disadvantage here is the recovery time. Interval training is much more straining, especially for the joints. This makes interval training quite tricky to keep up with.

The Effects of Strength Exercises on the Body

Strength exercises are those where you either lift an artificial weight, or you use your own body as resistance. The more obvious example is weight lifting, while the less obvious examples include crunches and pushups. These exercises suit both men and women, and they are effective in weight management and in shaping the body.


It makes the body look better

The benefits of strength training do not just involve losing excess body fat. Strength training will also tone up your body, leaving you with tighter arms and legs. This is where it differentiates itself with cardio. While cardio will help you lose weight faster, it will leave you feeling rather flab. This depends on how much weight you are losing, but a little strength is guaranteed to make you look tighter.

It burns calories even after the workout

A recent study has seen that strength training exercises actually burns up to 120 calories, 24 hours after the workout. All that while doing your daily activities. Another benefit comes in the fact that your body’s metabolism gets boosted by regular strength training.

It makes you stronger

By regularly applying resistance to your muscles, a person will undeniably end up being stronger, but there’s more to it. By strengthening your body muscles, you are actually making your body more efficient. This means that your body will use more muscles for your daily activity. In turn, this ensures that less strain is applied to your individual muscles, therefore helping to alleviate chronic pains in certain parts of the body.

Almost everything they told you about Fat burners is wrong

Article written by Remedy Healthcare

weightlossFlip through a magazine, scan a newspaper, or channel surf and you see them everywhere:

Ads that promise quick and easy weight loss without diet or exercise.

Wouldn’t it be nice if – as the ads claim – you could lose weight simply by taking a pill, wearing a patch, or rubbing in a cream?

Too bad claims like that are almost always false.

First off, the public’s obsession over ephedra and other over-the-counter weight loss stimulants exemplify the magnitude of misinformation.

There is a minefield of fat burner supplements that are based on partial truthsexaggerated by powerful marketing campaigns at an enormous cost to women’s health.

The partial truth is that in clinical studies Ephedra does promote fat loss!

With this partial truth the health and wellness industry has flooded the market with these so-called natural fat burners.

As many you may be aware, On April 12, 2004, a final ruling by the FDA went into effect prohibiting the sale of dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids (ephedra) in the USA.

But this has not stopped many women from having access to ephedra-based products through internet sales from rouge online pharmacies.

Also, many of the big supplement companies like Metabolife have simply substituted the ephedra ingredient with a similar derivative called synephrine.

It (synephrine) is a drug that has a very similar molecular structure as ephedra — and when used in place of ephedra the product is labeled Ephedra-Free!
Just in case you want to know… Ephedra, also called Ma huang, is a naturally occurring substance derived from plants.
Its principle active ingredient is ephedrine, when chemically synthesized is regulated as a drug and is used as an effective treatment for asthma.
Over the past 15 years ephedra products have been extensively promoted to:

  • Aid weight loss
  • Fat burning
  • Enhance sports performance
  • Increase energy

While Ephedra products are banned in the USA, there are still a huge selection of similar products available.

There are many fat burners in the market. Just do a google search and you will find them.

If you must have them, then at the very least buy them from a reputable store.

But how do you choose between these products?

What product will give you the best results?

If you care about these questions, then there is only one obvious conclusion!

…my answer is NONE of them! But, if you want a specific review on a fat burners product, is a great fee based service.

The big question is how effective is ephedra-based products and at what cost to your health!

This is where the exaggeration and hype creeps into the picture. After you look at ALL the scientific data on ephedra research you will understand the real story.

Fitness at Home

The New Year is not so new anymore, but that doesn’t mean that there is not a huge section of the population still clinging on to those resolutions. So, if you are one of the millions around the country that vowed to bring in the New Year with a new attitude when it comes to fitness, the good news is that there’s still hope yet.

Investing in a bit of home fitness equipment may be the best and easiest way to get the physical activity you need without even leaving the house. The advantage is that you won’t have to invest thousands of dollars in gym equipment that may sit around and collect dust. Take advantage of what is sitting unused around your house and figure a way to turn it into an exercise that improves your body. The results can be even more rewarding than a gym as it requires imagination to effectively pull off a passable workout from your living space. Here are a few ways that you can get in shape at home for a fraction of the cost.

Utilize Your Body

It’s not necessary to buy weights when you can use only your own weight to get healthier. Using tricep dips, pushups, squats, and situps, it is indeed possible to get a total body workout using only your own body weight as resistance. You can also use items you’ve found around the house to double as weights like soup cups or jugs of water. For a cardiovascular exercise, grab that jump rope and get moving! Just ten minutes a day of high-intensity jump-roping can make all the difference in the world, and costs significantly less than what a gym normally lists as their core price.

Bio: Dev Randhawa is a nurse and health food blogger who writes about the power of a healthy diet. For more information on healthy living and eating, follow Dev Randhawa.

Tips on maintaining the health of your hair

Healthy hair is one of the traits that are most sought after by women. There are a number of ways in which you can maintain the health of your hair, according to Danie’s Beauty Salon.

Sleep is essential for ensuring that your hair continue to look healthy and strong. Avoid stimulants such as cigarettes, caffeine, sugar-laden soft drinks and alcohol. Eat only healthy and balanced diet that include a lot of proteins. Avoid foods that are heavily processed and high in sugar and unhealthy fats.

It is a well-known fact that oiling your hair 20 minutes before washing your hair tends to help in the improvement of your hair’s texture and strength. Coconut oil is the most commonly used oil. You can mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with one tablespoon of olive oil to treat dry hair or dandruff. Apply to the scalp and massage the hot oil from the roots to the ends and wrap your hair for about 20 minutes. Finally, wash and rinse your hair. You will improve the health of your hair by repeating this at least once a month.

Make sure that you do not wash your hair with hot water or use straighteners or blow dryers on the hot setting. Avoid brushing your hair continuously. Only use quality shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Get your hair trimmed every six weeks to prevent split ends.

You can book an appointment at any one of the Beauty Salons in Glendale, CA, for a professional hair treatment.

Best Soccer Cleats by Position

soccer_positions_wingbackWhen you move beyond amateur soccer play and into more serious territory, you’ll start to look at cleats for the next piece of equipment to get a boost out of your game. Depending on the kind of player you are, you’ll find benefits in all sorts of cleats, for many different reasons. You’ll also find that two companies dominate the market, along with other fan favorites like Diadora: Nike and adidas soccer shoes. Both are battling for soccer supremacy, both offer  superior products. So which is right for you?


Strikers demand a shoe that fits the foot comfortably, while providing adequate ball control. Typically, striker cleats tend to feel light on the feet and conform well to the player’s foot. That’s to provide an improvement in touch and power. Some strikers like a more aerodynamic and lighter cleat, such as the adidas f50, because they believe it improves their footwork. Others swear by support and comfort, because it helps them with endurance. Those tradeoffs are worth debating as you look at different cleats.


Defenders want a boot that will match their role in game. For example, wings might opt for the adidas Copa Mundial, which is sleak and light like a striker’s boot. They are going to be doing a lot of running, and may need to play a critical role in setting up a play. Defenders who need to leap, such as a dominant center, will want a balanced cleat that can offer great impact absorption. Nike’s Hypervenom Phantom II works well for this position.


Goalkeepers prefer comfort and shock absorption mostly, but they tend to like a boost in power as well. Keepers may need short but sudden bursts of speed, and usually stay in for the duration of the game so they require endurance. Keepers also tend to hit long balls and require some measure of control in doing so in order to turn the tide in your favor. For many keepers, the adidas Predator is an excellent boot.

Final Thoughts

Synthetic, leather, indoor, outdoor… These are all variables you need to consider. These recommendations are based purely on feel for grass pitch playing. Arena soccer may have some different requirements. The most important idea to keep in mind is to try your boots on and don’t just order the cheapest cleats you can find. You’ll find adidas is one of the best brands in soccer, but Nike, Diadora and others offer affordable alternatives. A good pair of boots, like the Copa Mundial, can last years with care. If you plan to grow your game over time, invest in a good pair of cleats.

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Different kinds of manicure

Salons and spas offer different kinds of manicures, which usually involve different shaping of the nails and use of a variety of oils and creams. Some salons even use the electro-pulse or hot-stone massage as part of their extensive treatment. According to Danie’s Beauty Salon, following guide will help you decide which manicure suits you the best.

A typical French manicure is a classic manicure makes use of a clear or ivory-colored polish on the body of the nail, with white at the tip. The nail is then cut in a square shape. The next manicure is a hot stone manicure. This manicure features a hand massage using hot stone therapy to soothe and relax your hand.

Intensive paraffin wax manicure includes rubbing warm wax into your nails, hands and wrists, which will moisturize and soften them. Luxury manicure includes a hand massage, which is followed by wrapping hands in soft paraffin wax or heated mittens. As a result of this combination of heat and moisturizing, your hands and nails will become softened and hydrated.

Make sure that you carefully clean your nails and remove any traces of old nail polish before going to the salon for manicure. This will help in saving time for the manicurist. Moreover, you should always remove any rings and bracelets before your manicure.

Going for a manicure can definitely help you relax. You can book an appointment and a get a professional manicure at Beauty Salon in Glendale, CA, during your next visit.


How to Choose the Right Facial?

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Summary: Facials can do wonders for skin. However, it is important to choose the right treatment to prevent your skin breaking out.

A facial can do wonders for your skin, but often facial menus are complicated. Here are some areas to consider to ensure you choose the right facial for your skin.

Know the basics – Basic facials at even the best spa will include cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, a mask, and a moisturizer. This process is best for those with normal to dry skin but avoided by those who have sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin. Some therapist will extract blackheads, but make sure you let the therapist know if the extraction is too painful. The safest extractions include steam to soften the pores, followed by the therapist using their fingers to extract dirt and oil from your pores. Make sure that your therapist does not use an extractor as these can break capillaries, cause scarring and discoloration. For those who suffer from rosacea or eczema, skip the steam and ask your therapist to use a warm cloth instead.

Treat it right – For those who suffer from acne, different facial lotions or even a massage can cause more breakouts. Look for words like “clarifying” or “purifying” when selecting a treatment for acne prone skin and make sure your facial includes products like a cleanser with salicylic acid, a clay mask, and a lactic acid peel. Avoid scrubs, and anything abrasive that will irritate skin, disrupt pimples and increase scarring.


The Benefits of Wearing Daily Contact Lenses

Summary: Daily disposable contact lenses are becoming more and more popular in today’s households. Here are some advantages to switching to these versatile lenses.

There are a large number of benefits that daily disposable contact lenses offer, and many people are making the switch for both health and convenience. Daily contact lenses, as the name implies, are used once per day and thrown out by the end of each night. If you are considering new contacts, it may be beneficial to order some dailies from Make sure you consult with your optometrist beforehand to determine whether they are right for you.

The Advantages

While the idea of throwing out your contact lenses after use each day might seem like a waste of money, there are a number of advantages to doing so.

One of the most important benefits is having healthier eyes. A fresh set of contact lenses will rarely accumulate a build up that often occurs with other types of contact lenses. Disposable lenses like the Dailies Total1 lenses eliminate the problems associated with improper cleaning techniques and reduce the risk of inflammation or infection.

Another benefit to these versatile lenses is that it’s convenient. Many contact wearers live active lives and have a difficult time remembering all of their solutions. Moreover, it becomes tedious to clean your lenses on a daily basis, especially if you’re on the go all the time. With daily disposables, you can simply bring a new set of contact along with you, wherever you go, and swap them out without having to deal with the cleaning process.

Final Thoughts

Daily disposable contact lenses are not meant for everyone. Some preexisting conditions may prevent you from wearing these lenses so be sure to schedule an eye exam with your local eye doctor before purchasing new contacts.