Different kinds of manicure

Salons and spas offer different kinds of manicures, which usually involve different shaping of the nails and use of a variety of oils and creams. Some salons even use the electro-pulse or hot-stone massage as part of their extensive treatment. According to Danie’s Beauty Salon, following guide will help you decide which manicure suits you the best.

A typical French manicure is a classic manicure makes use of a clear or ivory-colored polish on the body of the nail, with white at the tip. The nail is then cut in a square shape. The next manicure is a hot stone manicure. This manicure features a hand massage using hot stone therapy to soothe and relax your hand.

Intensive paraffin wax manicure includes rubbing warm wax into your nails, hands and wrists, which will moisturize and soften them. Luxury manicure includes a hand massage, which is followed by wrapping hands in soft paraffin wax or heated mittens. As a result of this combination of heat and moisturizing, your hands and nails will become softened and hydrated.

Make sure that you carefully clean your nails and remove any traces of old nail polish before going to the salon for manicure. This will help in saving time for the manicurist. Moreover, you should always remove any rings and bracelets before your manicure.

Going for a manicure can definitely help you relax. You can book an appointment and a get a professional manicure at Beauty Salon in Glendale, CA, during your next visit.